Artist: Sarah Caroline Padgett


Sarah Caroline Padgett received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Studio concentrating in sculpture from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She works with metal, wood, fabric, paper and ceramic mediums.

Sarah Caroline is currently in Graduate School at UAB working towards her Masters in Art Education so that she can further extend her art career into teaching. She is passionate about young children, and intends to teach art as well as creating art of her own.

A Note from SCP:

“I have always been a tactile and hands-on person for learning. I grew up seeing my grandmother journal every single morning before she began her daily routine. She has hundreds of journals that she has filled with her thoughts and, at 92 years young, the pile of filled journals continues to grow. She instilled in me the importance of writing down your thoughts and ideas.

As we get further and further into the age of technology, I find myself rebelling it. I continue to write notes on paper, sketch ideas and keep physical copies of photographs. When I had the opportunity to learn book arts in college, I found myself falling completely in love with it. I find so much joy in being able to create these beautiful vehicles for ideas and thoughts. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I enjoy making them! My only hope for them is that they be filled with your own thoughts, photos, sketches, ideas, and dreams.

Happy writing!”

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