Artist: Morgan Alisha Glenn Greenhaw


Morgan Alisha Glenn Greenhaw is the brain, the heart and (some of) the hands behind The Trailing Collective.

Morgan has been a creator since a young age, always reaching for crayons or making mud “sculptures” in the woods, but she rediscovered her passion for art while in college at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She chose to pursue two degrees, one in Art Studio and the other in Psychology.

While thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2017, the dream of the Trailing Collective was born and her dream-chasing spirit was encouraged. Morgan began taking steps to bring her dream to life upon returning and now pours her heart and soul into both ceramics and the Trailing Collective as a business.

A note from Morgan:

“In a society of mass-production, haste and superficiality- it is refreshing to live in a bubble of handmade, slow movements and authenticity. Being an artist is so much more than making things for people to buy, it is pouring every bit of your heart and soul into your medium- it is vulnerable and it is rewarding.

Until the Appalachian Trail, I really had no true grasp on who I was as a creator. I tried to keep my work as organic as possible, but it didn’t flow through my veins as I hoped it would. But after walking through the woods, scaling mountain after mountain, sleeping on the dirt and seeing the most beautiful sights day-after-day for six months, everything changed about me as a creator.

Ceramics is a portal for me- each piece I throw, carve and/or paint somehow takes me back to the best six months of my life. Pottery has given me a way to tangibly express my admiration of nature and to hopefully spur on inspiration in others. Each piece created has a purpose and I sit patiently, joyfully in expectation until it is in the right hands.”

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